Satoyama Presents! No Mo' Lawn Tour

No Mo' Lawn Tour
Saturday, June 11 (rain date Sun. June 12), 2016 1:00-3:00pm
Satoyama Homestead:

Skip the gym and find out how you can convert a turf lawn to an edible habitat landscape with a little love and elbow grease. We'll introduce basic hand-tools for turf management, and you'll leave asking why we burn petrol and spray chemicals to maintain uniform green lawns. Remember, kids: keep off the grass!

Wear comfortable walking shoes or boots.

This Satoyama Presents! event is free of charge. In-kind and voluntary donations are appreciated.
Suggested in-kind donations: Hand tools; cover crop seeds (ex. clover); light labor (weeding, turf management)
Suggested voluntary donation: $15
Seasonal and annual memberships are also available at

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