Prospective TA's

Please complete the following information if you want to become a TA for CIS101.
Dr. Santa Maria will contact you in to talk about your schedule and your commitments to your cooperating professor (CP).

CIS495 is a 1 credit course that we recommend that you take for 3 semesters.

Look at the current schedule for TA's:
• Figure out which section might work with your schedule.
• Previous TA's get first priority.

Before you fill out this form:
1.) Have you received a B or better in CIS101, CIS380 or
equivalent from another school?
• If yes, then you may be eligible to become a TA.
2.) Are you on academic probation?
• If yes, then you are NOT eligible to become a TA until you are off probation.
3.) Do you have any current holds on your account?
• If yes, then you need to clear up your account before Dr. Santa Maria can register you for the course.
4.) Read:
• 7 reasons to become a TA: .
• Expectations for a TA's- Syllabus: .
(valid for all sections, additional requirements may be added per TA section).

a.) You must have a CIS professor recommend you for this position within
ONE WEEK of filling out this form. (If you are not a CIS major, have someone from your major recommended you.)
•It is your responsibility to contact someone and have them email me at santamrr@buffalostate. edu
•It doesn't have to be in depth, just an email to say: "I recommend "Sammy Student" to become a Teaching Assistant" is sufficient.

b.) Fill out the necessary information below and Dr. Santa Maria will try to match you up with the best suited instructor.

c.) **If you are matched up with an instructor, and you need to be released from your obligation as a TA, you MUST:
•call or email your Cooperating Professor and
•email Dr. Santa Maria BEFORE you drop the TA class (listed on Banner).

If you have any questions you can contact Dr. Santa Maria at santamrr@buffalostate. edu
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***FIRST and LAST name*** *
Banner # *
USING DASHES enter you Phone number (with area code) *
Your email preferred address *
Your Buffalo State email address *
What's your major? *
Are you graduating the semster you want to TA? *
Were you previously a TA for **CIS101 or CIS151**? *
Are you/were you a lab assistant for CIS? *
Did your cooperating professor invite you to TA for CIS course again? *
Did you ask a professor to email Dr. Santa Maria a short email to support you in this role ? *
If, Dr. RSM recommended you, she has already supported you. Otherwise, you cannot be approved to be a TA without this email. It can be short, but you must follow through with this step.
Schedule preferences
How many course sections do you want to TA (CHOOSE 1)? *
Preferred TA days: *
If you are looking to TA for CIS101... based on your schedule, and the available CIS 101 sections, which instructor would you like to TA with? *
CIS101 schedule is here:
If you can't TA this semester would you be interested in being a TA in a future semester? *
**Note that filling out this form does not gaurentee you a TA spot. If approved, you will be registered through the department, not through Banner.
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