Application for members of the Nordic-Baltic ICH Network for the ICH Exchange - sharing safeguarding experiences
The Nordic and Baltic Network on Intangible Cultural Heritage organizes visits for members of the network from September to December 2021 in order to share good practices on community involvement in the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

ICH exchange activities include funding for six visits, where a person working on safeguarding ICH in the Nordic or Baltic region will travel to a minimum of two-day period to another organization working with safeguarding living heritage. Due to COVID-19, the exchanges of experience are possible to organise also online.

Application deadline is 10 August 2021. Time period for the exchanges is September-December 2021.
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The time period for exchanges is between September and December 2021 (Final dates for the exchange are agreed between the host and the expert). Please be aware that changes in the scale of the Covid-19 outbreak may affect the plans.

Exchange of information by a visit:

The exchange programme covers expenses for the visitor up to 700 euros. These expenses can consist of travel-expenses, accommodation and meals. Money will be given in advance, and all the receipts must be sent with the financial report. The expenses are covered only according to the receipts. Unused funds or expenses without receipts must be returned. Please note, that if the expenses exceed 700 euros, the travelling member needs to take care of the rest of the costs themselves. The network member applying for the visit is responsible for purchasing the tickets, accommodation etc. The member is also responsible for travel insurance and all other practical issues and costs.

The host is expected to present their activities, safeguarding methods and share information related to ICH in their own context. There is no financial support for the host during the visit.

Online exchange of information:

Due to the work and time that online exchange demands, the programme pays a small fee (230 euros as salary for one person or 350 as an invoice for an organisation) for both the expert and the host. Online exchange is possible to agree between the participants and it can include for example video meetings, online concerts or rehearsals related to ICH practices or practitioners. Time used for the online exchange should be similar to a physical one (at least 2 x 4 hours).
I am interested to do the exchange of information (choose another or both according to your wishes): *
Reports and permissions:
The person doing the exchange will make a short report (1-2 pages) and a short video-interview on the good practice he/she chooses (both travelling and online exchange). Videos are not allowed to include music because of copyright issues. The video will be later added to the webpage with the reports of the exchange of information. If the person make the exchange visit by travelling, he/she is required to make after the visit an expense invoice that specify their travel expenses clearly (enclose all the receipts with your expense invoice: only travel-expenses, accommodation and meals are covered until 700 euros and any unused funds or expenses without receipts must be returned back). Please read below carefully and give permission where indicated below if you agree the following:

I grant the organizer Nordic and Baltic Network permission to publish my report and video-interviews through online media. I understand my recording may be edited, copied, exhibited, published, or distributed by the organizer. I also ask permission from the interviewees for the video (using agreement-forms provided by the network) and send all material: report, video-interview, agreements and if travelling, an expense invoice including receipts, to the exchange programmes contact person.
I have read the terms and fully understand and agree: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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