Registration for all Junior Competition Teams
Please register your child's details as a player for the Junior Competition - please note this form is ONLY for players for competition grades and only for players from school years & 8 - we will register NON PLAYING juniors next month for the skills program.
Did you play for Rangiora last season? *
If YES - please state which team or coach your child was in
What school do they attend? *
Please make sure you tick the correct box for the grade based on the players SCHOOL YEAR *
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Players Gender *
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Address *
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Mobile phone number *
Please provide a mobile phone number as your primary contact - this will be used for team texts etc
Emergency Contact details - Name
Emergency Contact details - email address *
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Are there any special requests we should be aware of? We will do our best to accommodate any requests to be in specific teams etc, but can not guarantee that we will be able to make this work for every case. *
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