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Unmukt Foundation is a non-profit organization based out of Bhubaneswar that works on the environment, education for children from economically weaker sections, and preserving local, indigenous culture.

Project Jedi is our initiative to engage children in English learning, mentoring, and well-being through storytelling, fun and knowledge-based activities over voice/video calls

Thank you for your interest in signing up to be a mentor! Please fill the form for us to get to know you better. Once you will fill-up the form, our team will contact you for further details.
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I hereby undertake that I am willing to commit myself to 1 hour a week on a fixed, regular schedule for a minimum of 6 months. I also undertake to be available for 3-4 hours of training and monthly mentor meetups. I understand that this is a commitment I am making. I am fully appreciative that mentoring involves building a long term relationship of trust with a child, and is not a simple pastime activity. declare that I will be able to meet this expectation and may have to miss or reschedule not more than 3-4 sessions in a YEAR. *
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