Mindful Modern Living Questionnaire
Please help us ensure we answer all of your questions, clear up any of your misconceptions and target the aspects you're most interested in learning with our current and future MML offerings. Thank you for your participation! We pretty much love you for it! xo
Mindful Modern Living is the area of our business dedicated to the sweet spot where a well-designed home and a wellNESS-designed life meet. When you hear "MINDFUL MODERN LIVING" what comes to your mind? *
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How would you rate your interior design confidence? *
Every time I attempt to make a design decision, I shut down
Killing it at interior design, super decisive and trust my instincts
Where are you on your home design journey? *
What are the toughest aspects of design for you? *
Do you share design decisions with a spouse, partner or roommate? *
In your own words, what slows your home progress down the most? *
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E-design can take on different meanings. For us, it's about streamlining our involvement (and ultimately, the cost to you) while still providing a custom, inspired design plan, shopping list and mock-up for our clients. Usually purchased one room at a time and delivered in approximately 6 weeks or less. Clients may choose to use it strictly and buy everything we recommend or to use it as a "roadmap" to help guide their decisions and keep their own finesse on track. Would you ever consider such a service? Why or why not? *
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How familiar with "Feng Shui" are you? *
"fung wha?!?!!?" Um, no, never heard of it
Yes! I practice it myself already!
What intrigues you most about Feng Shui? *
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Does any aspect of Feng Shui turn you off? *
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If you were told you could enhance your wealth + prosperity by simply rearranging and thoughtfully designing a correlating area of your home, would you be game to try it out? *
Of the following areas of life which Feng Shui can map out in your home (and thus, enhance), which would you be interested in learning more about (name all that apply!)? Here is the list of areas to choose from: Wealth + Prosperity, Fame + Reputation, Love + Marriage, Creativity + Children, Health + Family, Knowledge + Self Cultivation, Career, Helpful People + Travel *
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If I told you that you can still have "stuff" but should get rid of clutter would you: *
Would you be interested in more useful step-by-step info on decluttering? *
How interested in wellness are you right now? *
What is this "wellness" you speak of?
It is very important to me and a priority in my life
Are you having trouble getting into a wellness routine? Would you be interested in learning more about how I got into a wellness routine and how I stay motivated? *
As it pertains to Interior design, Feng Shui, and wellness are there any specific areas of focus you'd like me to share? *
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Please use this space to offer any other thoughts, suggestions, comments not covered above. *
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