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What team did the player play on?
My child had a fun and positive hockey experience this season
My child improved her hockey skills and learned about the game
this coach instilled creativity and self-confidence in the players
The coach promoted sportsmanlike conduct and fostered shared respect amongst the players, towards referees, and with other teams
The coach treated all players fairly
the coach had a balanced perspective between wining and skill development
The coach served as a roll model
The coach communicated effectively with players
The coach communicated effectively with parents
The coach communicated effectively with other coaches and shared the decision making with them
The coach was respectful of the referees
The coach showed leadership and direction
The coach ran well organized practices
The coach had the ability to teach skills and concepts
The coach was prepared for practice
The coach used the ice effectively during practice
The coach balanced the time spent on skill development vs team concepts and tactics
The coach created practices with a good pace, tempo and flow
What did the coach do well?
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What could the coach improve on?
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Should Bluewater retain this coach?
Do you have feedback on one of the assistant coaches? if so please note their name.
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What did the assistant coach(es) do well?
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How could the assistant coach(es) improve?
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