No to "bailing out" the Tories - Labour must withdraw from the Brexit talks
Dear Jeremy and Keir,

As Labour members, we are writing to you regarding the ongoing talks between the government and the Labour Party over Brexit.

With local and European election campaigns ongoing, these talks are now proving to be a distraction. We need a radical and positive message on the doorstep, and we need to attack the Tories’ Brexit plans. This is much more difficult to do when Labour is technically in negotiations about delivering some kind of joint Brexit plan.

The Tories want to use Brexit to deregulate the economy, and attack the rights of workers and migrants. Labour policy, adopted unanimously at party conference in September 2018, is to oppose a deal that does not meet Labour’s tests. It is clear that these talks will not produce a deal which meets our tests.

Theresa May and the Conservative Party have no interest in acting in good faith in these negotiations, and they cannot give Labour enough to agree a deal anyway. There has been no progress, and our presence in the room serves no useful purpose, is wasting time, and is doing us damage.

We are therefore writing to you to urge you to withdraw from these talks, and turn the focus to fighting the Tories’ Brexit plans.


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