High-Performance Employee Survey
One of the biggest issues to plague organizations of all sizes is a natural disconnect between executives and high-performance employees (HPEs). This disconnect affects culture, innovation and everything in-between.

Please help by filling out the quick survey below. We'd like to better understand the realities of high-performance employees (HPEs) across the country and promote better understanding between HPEs and executive management. Reference for related ramblings: https://hackernoon.com/know-the-soul-of-the-high-performance-employee-then-we-can-build-the-10-000-things-ad753ffd9b7f

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How competent is your direct manager in the skill/technical/creative field you identify with?
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How competent is your company's executive leadership in the skillset required to provide your main product/service offering? *
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How big is the disconnect between the expectations of executive management and the realities seen by high-performance employees (HPEs) in your company? *
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Your current office environment: *
How many times is your concentration interrupted per day? E.g. things like fielding incoming questions from co-workers that could be easily answered with little effort; unplanned meetings; being drawn into other conversations and losing track of work, etc. *
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What is the state of process in your team? *
Did your company pair you with a mentor?
How much does your team invest in automation to save time and enforce quality? *
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How good is the equipment provided by your company? *
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How important is community involvement and evangelism to you? *
Would you like your company to offer opportunities to contribute to your greater community? E.g. you would like to contribute to open source projects, or speak about your contributions to important products, or host events related to your skill/trade.
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Would it help if your company accommodated visual/written communication in favor of speaking in front of groups? *
Are you motivated more by mastery of skill/craft, or motivated more by earning money? *
How often are you contacted about new job opportunities? *
Which are most important to you when considering to leave your job? *
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