2019-20 Chorus Fundraising Agreement
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Great Lakes Scrip Program

1. An administrative fee of $5 per year is due from each family purchasing GL Scrip. This covers the cost of supplies including paper, ink, envelopes & misc. postage.
2. GL Scrip Shipping and Handling fee of $1 per scrip purchaser per order (for plastic gift cards).
3. Unpaid annual administrative fees or per-order shipping and handling fees will be deducted from the scrip rebate credit amount.
4. Orders for scrip will be placed after all checks have been deposited and cleared in the Choral Boosters Scrip bank account.
5. Scrip purchaser will reimburse the Choral Boosters Scrip bank account for any bank fees incurred if their check is denied for insufficient funds.

Application of Fundraising Credits

1. Throughout the school year, student fundraising credits will be applied to the student’s account. In the event there is more than one student from a family, the credits will appear in the oldest student's account.
2. At the end of each school year, remaining scrip credits can be :
a. Rolled over to the student's trip account for the next school year.
b. Donated to the Woodson Choral Boosters.
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Payment ($5)
Checks should be made out to WTW Choral Boosters and can be either mailed to Michele Bach-Hansen 9121 Hunting Pines Pl. Fairfax, VA 22032 or delivered during a Booster meeting.
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