Security B-Sides Delaware 2020 Call for Presentations & More
The 11th annual Security B-Sides Delaware will take place virtually Friday Nov 13th, 2020.

This form is to collect the details of whatever you're excited to present, do, or share at BSidesDE. To give you some general format ideas, we have historically encouraged the following types of submissions via this form:

* Talks lasting 20 or 50 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A/room change over
* Interactive Classes/Workshops of 1, 2, 4, or more hours (with or without pre-registration)
* Activities/Contests/Villages for Everyone, Adults and/or Hacklings at SpawnCamp
** Sub events, such as talks inside a village
* Academic posters

Over the years BSidesDE has expanded in ways well beyond our imagination, and largely that's due to the awesome things you are passionate enough to research and present. Thank you!
This year, after much eager news watching and science report reading, we've decided the only way we can hold a conference is remotely.

If you've arrived at this page and haven't been to a Security B-Sides conference before, be sure check the wiki page for links to the videos of previous years talks from 2010 to the present and to see what Security B-Sides Delaware is all about:

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We love to see brand new speakers, seasoned speakers and everyone in between!

If you know someone else that should submit a talk, class, workshop, activity or firetalk please share this page via:

CFPs are accepted on a rolling basis with public Twitter voting as a guideline for audience interest.

We can't wait to see your ideas!

Shortly after you've submitted your talk you should find it posted here for voting:
Once accepted, submissions will have your name & speaker bio added to the page.

If you aren't sure about what you'd like to submit or want feedback first, please indicate that in your submission now so we have some starting details, but then contact @BSidesDE via twitter or cfp {at} bsidesdelaware [dot] com to indicate you're interested in the Live CFP process outlined here:
Email address *
What is the title of your intended talk/class/village? (This will be posted online AS IS for talk voting so spell check it please) *
Ex "Security BSides Delaware 101 or how to survive your first conference"
How would you like to be credited as the speaker and author of the talk/class/village? (This will be posted online AS IS for the schedule and/or talk voting) *
Ex "Bob Alice @b0b" include your @twitter or handle if you want it associated with (or instead of) your name, if you'd like to remain anonymous please specify that here, but some contact info will still be needed below
Your Abstract (This will be posted online AS IS for voting so spell check it please) *
This should explain to the potential audience what the talk/class/village is about in a way that gets people as passionate about seeing it as you were when you did the research. Will your talk contain a demo, code or application release? Tell us about it!
What is the intended audience or level skill level of your talk/class/village? (This will be posted online AS IS for talk voting so spell check it please) *
Ex "Information security practitioners with X experience" or "Students and those that want to learn about Y" or "Everyone because of Z" Etc...Help people to better determine why they should see your talk
Speaker Bio (This will be posted online AS IS after your talk/class/village/event is accepted so spell check it please) *
Assuming your talk/class/village/event is accepted, what do you want the public to know about you and your role(s) in the industry?
Can you make people want to see your talk/class/village/event in less than 130 characters? Go:
Help us tweet about your talk by including topic based #hash tags to get people #excited. Also if your title is really long you might want to think about an abbreviated version, b/c we like Twitter and want to show your talk off! Please skip your twitter handle here, this is to focus people on the content :-)
The following information will be used by the organizers and/or the CFP committee. None of it will be posted publicly on the wiki.
Some of it is required for talk scheduling, acceptance, and/or communication. Some we are just curious about to help make this con even better :-).
I understand the concept of plagiarism and the negative impact it could have on me as well as the information security industry. I promise to ensure any and all sources are cited properly and that the original researcher (when applicable) has been consulted and agrees to my use of his/her work. *
please check all that apply
How long will your talk/class/village/event be? *
Talks will be streamed live over the internet and probably recorded. *
It's a virtual conference, so all talks/classes/villages and whatever else we do will be streamed. Please note, attendees of the conference may make their own recordings/screenshots/memes etc while watching remotely, so some topics/details might be more suitable for our next in person conference.
Has this talk or a version of this talk been presented at other conferences or industry related events? *
Ex "I presented talk XYZ at other BSides/DefCon/DerbyCon etc. and have since made ABC changes to it" - Presenting a talk that you've presented before is totally fine since not everyone goes to every con, we'd just like to know about it and be able to answer questions we might get about how this time will be different :-)
How will your talk be different from and/or better than other talks on this topic? *
If you aren't sure, it would be advisable to check who else has presented on this topic recently. If after doing your background research you find you are the only one that is presently researching this topic kudos!
What talks have you presented at other conferences? Please include conference, talk title and when *
We like to know what else our speakers have been up to. Seasoned speakers can feel free to limit this to the last few years/major talks. If this is your first time speaking at a conference we're excited about that too! So we can help your first talk be successful, please tell us about why you want to speak or any prior CFP experiences you've had
Are you planning to release any new code, tools, exploits, 0days or classified information related to your talk? *
We love hot new exciting stuff and are happy to be your sounding board. However, to avoid issues for you and us, we ask that you engage in coordinated vendor disclosure attempts before releasing any proof of concept or working code to the public that has a strong potential to be misused. In order to be considerate to the venue, we ask that any public exploit code related to your talk is released after the conference from a network unrelated to the venue. In order to avoid issues for our friends with security clearances they need to be made aware if and when they should leave your talk before classified information is released. If this applies to you please describe your efforts or future plans and any vendor responses thus far.
We'll connect to you the audience, are you prepared to stream your talk? *
You'll need power, a computer, and an internet connection strong enough to stream on a common video conferencing platform for the duration of your talk. How you do that has some flexibility. (Hurricane Sandy knocked out power for some folks that was very close or overlapped our conference in 2012)
How did you hear about Security BSides Delaware? *
Or how could we have reached you better?
Have you attended Security BSides Delaware before? Any BSides or related security event?
Please check all that apply
Contact info & Logistics
We need working contact info from ALL SPEAKERS in this presentation in order to coordinate talk acceptance status, scheduling and/or various conference related reminders. Your contact info will not be shared with anyone that doesn't specifically need it for the purposes of conference to speaker related communication. It is more important that we have a reliable way to reach you, but we do not need to know your actual name if that makes you or an employer feel uncomfortable.
I am able to attend and/or speak at Security BSides Delaware on the following parts of Friday: *
The culture of this conference is full attendance of the whole con, both days for most people. This year it's a one day virtual conference so we aren't sure what to expect. If your content is awesome and speaks to our audience, please assume you are speaking unless you hear otherwise (so do continue to prep your talk/class/village -:). We need your availability for scheduling of talks, which may include moving talks if the schedule evolves. Please update us ASAP if this changes, and preferably before the schedule comes out. If you have or will be submitting to other conferences that overlap with BSidesDE please indicate these potential scheduling conflicts in "Other".
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