2018 Volunteer-a-Thon Participation Form
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If you are not a JLA member, how did you hear about the Volunteer-a-Thon?
The Volunteer-a-Thon starts at 1 pm on Friday, April 13 and runs for 26.2 hours until 4:12 pm on Saturday, April 14. Please select the days/times you could be available for volunteer shifts. (This is not to assign shifts, but to assist with project selection for the event.) *
1 pm - 4 pm Friday, April 13
4 pm - 8 pm Friday, April 13
8 pm - 12 am Friday, April 13
12 am - 4 am, Saturday, April 14
4 am - 8 am Saturday, April 14
8 am - 12 pm Saturday, April 14
12 pm - 4:12 pm Saturday, April 14
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Participation in Volunteer-a-Thon is free to members and community volunteers, and we are excited to have you involved with this event. If you raise/donate a minimum of $23.00 for this event on or before March 25, you will receive a free t-shirt. For every $50.00 raised, you will receive a raffle ticket for prizes valued over $200.00. Do you plan on fundraising for this event?
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If you raise/donate a minimum of $23.00, you are eligible for a free t-shirt. What is your t-shirt size? (The t-shirts are unisex sizing.)
How many hours do you plan on volunteering during the 2018 Volunteer-a-Thon?
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Do you have any special skills or interests that you would like to use during the Volunteer-a-Thon? (i.e. - woodworking, gardening knowledge, computer/office expertise)
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Volunteer-a-Thon projects will include physical service projects (e.g. landscaping, spring cleaning) and office projects (e.g. preparing mailings). Which type of service do you generally prefer?
Do you plan on attending the picnic at Carrier Park at the conclusion of Volunteer-a-Thon? (Saturday April 14 from 4:12 pm - 7 pm)
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