Getting Involved #ImpactIncubator
Join us in the exciting BSIC Decentralized Impact Incubator to celebrate new talents and blockchain-enabled solutions for social impact! From February 18 to March 31, participants from around the world will gather online to form teams, design business models, draft proposals and code.

Last year, more than 600 participants from over 120 locations around the globe participated in the first #ImpactIncubator. 142 dedicated mentors volunteered their time and expertise to guide the teams. 350 individuals from organizations such as World Economic Forum, Human Rights Foundation, White Helmets, The Nature Conservancy, Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, Acumen Fund, the Start Network, and more gathered to witness the winning presentations.

Sign up here if you are interested in mentoring, judging, sponsoring, or helping with this extraordinary event. Thank you for donating your time, expertise and resources to those who share your passion to make the world a better place. As always, all proceeds go to participants building social impact solutions.
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