Living & Travelling with Allergies - e books and resources Questionnaire
Thank you in advance for filling in this 10 questions survey. Part of setting up Allergy Coaching and making Eat Allergy Safe a viable business, I will be making some e-books and resources about living with allergies. To make sure I cover everything you want to know, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions.
As a thank you, by filling in this form you will be entered into a prize draw, make sure to enter your email below. (Your email address will NEVER be passed on to a third party!) I will be giving away 5 copies of the e-book when it is published!
Please give as much detail as possible in your answers and thanks again.

Best wishes,

Allergy Coach and founder of Eat Allergy Safe
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Thanks for completing this survey! While I go through these surveys and starting writing the e-books and resources, would you be open to be contacted to answer any more questions?
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