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Family Survey: Fall Planning 2020
As we prepare for the reopening of the Fall school year 2020, we would like to consider any feedback from our families here in District 152 ½. Your feedback, along with the suggested guidelines from the Illinois State Board of Education will help us with our planning. We have developed different committees to help create an overview of the direction we are heading toward. It is important to District 152 ½ to know how the parents feel and the possible response to our intentions. District 152 ½ is developing a plan where we can welcome back all the students within the safety guidelines that are required by the state. This will include students wearing face covering in school. In addition, in order to space students appropriately, it will require the district to secure more staff and make necessary modifications to our daily programs. The maximum allowable distance between students will be maintained in relation to each of our physical spaces, which may not always be 6 feet, but will be minimum of 4.5 feet with face coverings. Most communal spaces will be closed or utilized with restricted capacity. There will be no large gatherings. We will develop different movement patterns throughout the buildings that will allow social distancing and minimizing student to student interactions. Transportation is planning to run with no more than 50 students per bus at 2 students per seat with face coverings. Symptom checks certifications will be required daily at school. There are many more details that will be established and a Fall 2020 Return to School Plan will be distributed well in advance to the new school year.

Please indicate the grade level(s) of your child(ren) for the fall of 2020. * Mark all that apply. *
Given the requirement for face coverings, social distancing and hygiene safety precautions, what is your comfort level with in-person instruction this fall? *
IF THE STATE RETURNS TO PHASE 3 and cannot consider 100% return to in-person instruction, we must consider a hybrid model. In a hybrid model, students attend school in person on a reduced schedule and work remotely when off campus. Please indicate which hybrid schedule(s) might work best for your family. *
We are exploring childcare options with district partners for remote and hybrid models. Would you access childcare programs if available? Please indicate your needs below. *
During school closures, does your child need to care for younger siblings at home?
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