Heady Halloween Color Fun
Thank you for being a part of Heady Halloween and thank you for participating in this with Elev8 Premier. We are excited with this idea to bring as many wonderful glassblowers we can to Heady Halloween. In an attempt to see some cool Halloween themed glass by the amazing talent in the city we want to offer some color we pulled. We would like you to only take what you will use on a piece to make to show off at a Heady Halloween. If you have some left over we would like it back, but take what you will need for your piece.

One thing we do not want it to be taken advantage of, not that we think you will, but you know the deal, shit happens. So by filling out this form you are agreeing that if you take some of the Heady Halloween color you will make a piece to show off at Heady Halloween. This piece needs to be done by Oct. 21 so we can comfortably get it all set up. We would LOVE it if you came to Heady Halloween, but understand you may have plans. You can still be a part of this.


1. If you take the glass and do not get the piece to use by Oct. 21 to show off at Heady Halloween you will owe Elev8 Premier $50 for the color you took.
2. You get to keep you pipe after Heady Halloween
3. If you want to sell it to Elev8 Premier to try to sell you can do that for sure, but it will be at a lower price than wholesale as they have to sell it also and make money.
4. You can talk with Becca and see if it will fit in our stores. We DO NOT garauntee a purchase.
5. You can put it for sale at Heady Halloween. If it sells at the event Elev8 Glass Gallery will be entitled to 20% of the retail set value. If you barter with someone that is on you. We understand the husttle, and we will have a venue packed with people that love glass.
6. Tag Elev8 Premier on IG and facebook.

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