Do you want to work together to rewire your mind, learn copy, and construct all the required elements to build and scale your offer to L1 ($10k/month) to L2 ($50k/month) to L3 ($100k/month)? 

If so, I've helped hundreds of people navigate all or a part of this process throughout the last two years (most of whom you'll see on Twitter) and can do the same for you with our entirely new "gamified" approach.

Our Proven Approach: Works Both For Newbies & Seasoned Vets

We've systematized the entire journey to constructing a 7-figure offer into 3 phases which are composed of 10 sprints that will run you 12 months (or more). 

Here are the 10 sprints to 7 figures
  • Sprint #1: Rewire your brain
  • Sprint #2: Become a top 1% executor 
  • Sprint #3: Learn the tools of the trade -- High ROI Skills
  • Sprint #4: Pay your dues and collect XP 
  • Sprint #5: Build personal and/or business brand
  • Sprint #6: Grow micro-organic audience to 2500+ followers
  • Sprint #7: Craft your offer(s) and client acquisition machine
  • Sprint #8: Set up your back end and fulfillment
  • Sprint #9: Fuel the fire with horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Sprint #10: Grow to 7 figures 
With each sprint: You receive step-by-step training, case studies to show exactly how it's done, and an action protocol to complete the sprint. Your job is to simply complete the protocol, submit your work for review/audit, and move onto the next sprint. More sprints you complete, more success you unlock (and more $$$ you make). It's all practical and REAL WORLD ORIENTED.

In addition to the sprints: 

You also receive group coaching calls, accountability, copy critiques for every step of the way and quarterly CASE STUDIES from Tej showcasing his own 7-figure builds and what's currently working and what isn't (we don't just teach, we also do this ourselves -- this is the most fun after all). 

Consider this not a course, mastermind, or program, but an all hands on deck consultancy for those who are serious about building and growing online offers. 

If that's you, fill out the form below? I'll go through your app in 24 hours and if I'm confident I can help you, we'll arrange a time to talk. Otherwise, I'll recommend other alternatives that may serve you better. Cheers and all the best!
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This consultancy isn't for everybody and is designed to generate a true quantum leap -- this sounds nice and epic (and it is), but will also challenge you, encourage you to rise to the occasion, and let go of all that no longer serves you. 

Based on that, how committed are you to truly transforming in all facets of the game? Are you going to implement what we share or just consume and move onto the next shiny object?
Thanks for filling out the app! 🚀🙏🏻 

If you have any questions for me about the consultancy and how it works, feel free to drop them below.
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