Nonviolent Protective Accompaniment at San Diego/Tijuana Border
You may have been following the thousands gathered in Tijuana trying to get asylum into the U.S. We got an urgent request from local organizers for trained UCP's (unarmed civilian protection/de-escalation) to provide nonviolent protective accompaniment at a large gathering at the San Diego/Tijuana border for Dec. 15th. The event is called Posadas which is a tradition, particularly in Hispanic communities. It directly connects with the quest to be allowed into a safer, welcoming space.

We have heard from our local contacts that there is significant probability of Mexicans on the south and U.S. ranchers/white nationalists on the north being disruptive during the Posadas event.

We offer nonviolent protective accompaniment to support the movement for migrant justice and to illuminate the dignity of all persons. We hope to cultivate persons prepared to offer NVPA for the Dec. 15th Posadas event. Yet, we hope the experience, training, and community building will enable such a practice to continue longer-term in this border area as needed and primarily by local persons.

Training: Friday Dec. 14th from 1-5pm in San Diego/Chula Vista area, TBD
Posadas: Saturday Dec. 15th: 12-4pm

We are putting together a team with the DC Peace Team, Meta Peace Team, the larger Shenti Sena Network, Activate Labs, Global Immersion, and many faith partners. We hope you can join us!

Some basic goals of protective accompaniment are:
1) Accompany those most in need
2) Prevent and defuse hostility/violence
3) Interrupt de-humanization
4) Re-humanize and cultivate empathy

*Such Protective Accompaniment or UCP acknowledges the value of constructive conflict and thus does not intend to prevent such conflict by those resisting injustice.

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