Mahone Middle School Intramurals
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Students have the option of playing either/all three or any combination thereof Soccer, Volleyball, and Flag Football. The cost for participation in the league will be $35. If the student choices to play more than one sport the cost does not double. It remains $35. This fee includes referee expenses, weekly games, as well as a team t-shirt. Both cash and check are accepted. Please make checks payable to Mahone Middle School and hand into the office prior to playing.
Cash or check are accepted. Please make checks payable to: Mahone Middle School
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Game Schedule
A more detailed schedule will be released closer to the start of the intramurals season. 6th grade boys and all grade level girls flag football will be on Mondays starting at 7:10 am til 8:10 am. 7th & 8th boys flag football will be on Tuesdays starting at 7:10 am till 8:10 am. 6th grade boys and all grade level girls soccer will be on Wednesday starting at 7:10 am till 8:10 am. 7th and 8th grade boys soccer will be on Thursdays from 7:10 am till 8:10 am. All grade level boys volleyball will start at 7:10 am till 8:10 am on Fridays.
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By submitting this form we/I the parent(s) or guardian(s) do hereby acknowledge that we/I fully understand the possibility of the risk of serious injury involved in athletic participation and do hereby grant our student permission to participate in intramural sports. We/I also agree to monitor our student athlete’s health and report any change of health conditions to the league advisor. We/I also grant the league advisor permission to take reasonable medical steps including the calling of an ambulance to convey him/her to a hospital in case of serious injury. Please check the following box for your approval.
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