Dancing Spanish Club - Survey Form 1
Hola, Amigo/ Amiga,

Thank you for your interest in the DANCING SPANISH CLUB!

The club is a pilot project, "work in progress". It might take some time to figure out the best format.

The goal of this club is to keep improving Spanish skills in a fun friendly atmosphere, making the process affordable and enjoyable. Your ideas, feedback are suggestions are always welcome (contact Tatiana).

You can JOIN THE CLUB to learn SPANISH together in a fun group of aspiring Spanish speakers, who are also dancers. We will learn together, we make mistakes & laugh together, solve language puzzles, do role-playing, discuss life matters and interesting topics, and occasionally watch videos in Spanish and who knows, maybe sing songs in Spanish :).

In spring 2020 practices are free of charge. if we decide to continue further, it will depend on what is included.
If we decide to invite guest instructors, fee per person will be announced separately by the organizer, and in case you want to donate to the volunteer Spanish language assistant, you can also do so (we will be discussing logistical details on the way for each class).

If you can teach some Spanish confidently (even if a few topics), you can volunteer to be a guest speaker/ instructor for the group (date can be discussed with the organizer).

The 1st practice will be hold in Skype, others - possibly in Zoom (or Skype).
A private facebook group will also be used for some posts and announcements, to share resources. Main things will be discussed in the chat.

We will have a CHAT on TELEGRAM or WHATSAPP (the app will be decided by voting).
(telegram allows to post voice messages there as well and also use on both mobile devices and computers)


Tatiana Balashova

magictango (at) gmail . com
Instagram @magictango

whatsapp / telegram: +16047807835 // skype: magictango123

Feel free to contact me by email or through facebook. Double check whether you put correct email and contact information into the form. If you don't get a reply within 3-5 days, contact through a chat.
NB: I check whatsapp & skype more often than FB.


Your personal information is respected and kept confidential, except for the trusted 3rd party companies, like google (for forms) and website provider (if form is submitted through the website). for payments (if applicable), PayPal and similar systems.

Please DO NOT share this form with random people or on social media. The club is at this point PRIVATE, by invitation only. You will be informed if it becomes more open. This form and information will be posted in the Magic Tango group and the Dancing Spanish Club's group.
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Club Survey:
(filling out the survey helps the organizer to understand the participants)
1) How did you learn about this Spanish Club? *
2) What would you like to find in the CLUB? (choose whatever applies for the next 6 months) *
3A) What type of Spanish do you have experience with? *
3B) What is your experience with Spanish? (any level is welcome) *
4) Do you currently take any course/ classes in Spanish? *
5) What helps you to learn, memorize the words, grammar etc? *
6) Do you like to have homework apart from classes? *
6) Can you suggest any FUNNY movies / videos for the club's classes? (feel free to share links to Youtube, usually films with SPA/ENG subtitles are especially helpful) *
Are there any other movies / films / videos you think might be interesting for the club? (feel free to share open access links, usually films with SPA/ENG subtitles are especially helpful) *
7) What can help to make participating in the club more fun and effective for you? *
What topics are you most interested in to learn / practice? *
8) Your desired / possible involvement in the club: *
9) If the club continues for a few months & hires instructor(s), would you be willing to invest in learning Spanish? (choose whatever applies, recordings of classes provided on some plans) *
What seems to you an acceptable fee per class? *
What monthly fee for the club is ok for you? (4 meetings/ classes a month, with recordings) *
Any comments on the classes/ membership pricing, content, frequency or classes/practices *
10) Can you suggest any tango / non-tango songs take for the classes with beautiful / fun lyrics? (links are appreciated, if you can include them) *
11) Your preferred days of the week & time for your for online meetings (choose whatever applies): *
Any other comments, ideas, suggestions about the Spanish Club (feel free to mention the names of Spanish instructors, youtube channels etc OR send them in an email): *
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