Mobile Lab Schedule Request
*****Before filling out this form check the computer lab schedule to confirm dates you are requesting are available. CARTS CAN ONLY BE RESERVED FOR UP TO ONE MONTH FROM THE REQUEST DATE****
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The Sphero Calendar is a separate calendar available here:

If you send in a request for a day that has been scheduled well in advance your request will be denied.
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Is this request for a mobile lab, iPad lab or Spheros? *
Do you have a Student Assignment Form for the lab requested? *
Forms are found at : . If your answer is no, understand that your time will not be scheduled.
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Please enters DATES below. Please use separate lines for multiple dates. If dates are consecutive please enter a start date, followed by UNTIL, followed by the end date. NO CARTS WILL BE CHECKED OUT AFTER MAY 27TH (MEMORIAL DAY)
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What is the general lesson objective and procedure. (this will be for administrative approval) *
Include what software is going to be used in the lesson.
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Will you need any specifically for your lab time?
If you do not need anything enter N/A.
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Is there anything I can do to help you either in preparation or in during the lab use?
This pertains to lesson planning, prior instruction for the teacher, assistance in teaching the class.
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