UBCAni Emergency Secretary Nominations for 2021-2022
Please note that this form is accepting election nominations; what this means is that you may also choose to nominate another person for an executive position. We would then contact them to confirm the nomination.

We will be closing the form at 11:59PM Tuesday, August 24th, and elections will take place at the emergency re-election general meeting which will happen at 7PM next Friday, August 27th, in our Discord server.

All applicants will be expected to prepare a very short and simple speech, presentation, or video for the day of the elections.

If an applicant applies to a position without contention, they will require a vote of confidence from all members present, and must reach over 50% approval.

If an applicant applies to a position with contention, they will be presenting against all other applicants in their respective position. Successful applicants will be determined through a majority vote.

Feel free to contact us as ubcani@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.
If you're looking at ways you would like to build a stronger community for those who share your interests on campus, look no further than here. As a member of the executive team, you'll have the authority to decide what events and activities the club will finance and plan.

Do keep in mind that running a club with over 200+ memberships annually is not an easy feat. While this may be a daunting task, don't worry; you'll find support not only from those within your team, but also from the alumni who have been in your very position. Things have been very different this year due to quarantining but we will be here to help return to in-person activities when we can. Don't worry, next year is a year of revival and rebuilding so things may not be as intense.
All executive members must be:

- A UBC student and a registered member of the UBC Anime Club. If a non-UBC student Anime Club member is interested in involvement, please reach out to one of our execs.

- Taking at least 3 credits (one course) in the Winter 2019/2020 session during both Fall and Spring terms (Sept 2019 to April 2020)

- Able to attend most of the weekly Friday night meetings

- Able to plan and attend special events such as the Socials, Cosplay Cafe, Outings, Clubs' Days, etc.

- Able to dedicate a few hours a week to attend weekly exec meetings, which are typically decided based on the other executives' schedules

- Willing to dedicate time outside of meetings to club tasks and additional planning

- Flexible and willing to take on miscellaneous tasks outside of your position's specifications as needed. (e.g. regulating social media, checking email, buying club supplies, moving)

- Enthusiastic and team-oriented

- Motivated to create a better community!

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