Cosplay Contest Application
Hello Cosplay Contestants!
The Cosplay Events Staff, along with the staff of KuroNekoCon, are excited that you are interested in participating in 2019's Cosplay Contest! The rules have been updated and changed so please make sure to read them before going through the application.

There are four parts to the application, so please make sure to take your time and complete them all:
- Part 1: Rules & Guidelines
- Part 2: Contact Information
- Part 3: Cosplay Information
- Part 4: Slideshow Information

Upon submitting your application you should receive a confirmation email.

Submissions for the Cosplay Contest will end on July 27 at 11:59 PDT.

Applications are almost full, by the time you fill this out you may end up on the wait list to participate.

Questions or Concerns?
Contact KNC's Cosplay Events Staff at

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