Becoming Ultra Runner Application for Season 8
This is the application to be one of the selected runners for the "Becoming Ultra" Project. Probably the best way to train for your first ultra in the world!

Read all details before applying please.....

*You are willing and able to pay for the services of coach Ian Sharman or Ellie Greenwood of Sharman Ultra. Ian and Ellie have won major ultras around the world and coached runners towards every type of event, from the back of the pack to elites. Their bio's can be found here:

They are some of the best runners and coaches in the industry and they are opening up a fully booked coaching schedule to take you for this project, which is awesome for all of us! They are even discounting their service by eliminating the $199 set up fee! NOTE: You can find information on the coaching services as Tier 3 coaching at

*You understand that signing a release for full access to the training and coaching sessions, as well as any and all media obtained during the project.

*You must not have completed an Ultra before the beginning of the project. We will be accepting runners who have attempted but failed(DNF) an ultra in the past for this season but prefer true first timers.

*You are willing and able to contribute written AND video of your experience at your will for social media and for the BecomingUltra website. We and our audience want to truly be a part of the experience. This requires multiple posts per week! It's fun, we promise.

* You agree to be on the podcast roughly every other week.

* You are able to run the Smith Rock 50k near Bend, OR on the weekend of May 16th, 2020. This is our partner race for the season! For media reasons, we need all of the subjects to be in the same place to capture it all! As of now, travel can't be taken care of by Becoming Ultra but your race entry is this season is you are one of the two featured runners!

If you answered NO to any of the above, we can't consider you for this project but still hope your journey to Becoming Ultra is an amazing one. The main reason runners can't commit is the timing or travel. If you are dead set on training for your first ultra, go ahead and fill this out and we can still reach out to help with your coaching needs!

Send us an email to to learn more and thanks for checking this out! Be sure to check out the Becoming Ultra site for more information!
What is your phone number?
What is your Skype username?
What is your email?
What is your address?
Do you have a website? If so, what is it?
How long have you been running?
Do you have any recurring or chronic injuries?
What is the longest distance you have run to date?
What races have you run in the past, if any, and what were your finish times (include Did Not Finish results)?
Describe your running over the last year at a high level (e.g. approximate average mileage, periods of not running, etc)
Why would you want to run an Ultra?
Tell us something unique about yourself.
Something interesting about your personal life. Something you have overcome.
What do you do for a living?
Why do you want to be one of the "Becoming Ultra" athletes?
Do you consider yourself a good friend? Why or why not?
Have you ever quit anything?
Tell us about it.
Does filling this out make you excited, nervous, scared?
Have you applied for Becoming Ultra in the past?
If so, what is different this time around?
This is your last chance to tell us why we should choose you for "Becoming Ultra".
Do you have a preference between Ellie and Ian for your coach? Please explain! Even if there is no preference.
What 3 social media platforms (if any) do you use the most?
Share links and followers so we can check them out! Don't sweat if there's not much there!
May we share this application with the world?
We are going to tap into the mental, the personal, and the physical, and people will be following every step of the way. We understand if you say no but won't be able to consider you based on the nature of the project. Thanks so much.
Clear selection
If you are not chosen as one of the two runners, would you like to be automatically considered for the BeAccountable Coaching (BAC) Program? It's a very similar version of the BU project!
We have found that the accountability of the Becoming Ultra project is the "special sauce". Tapping into community and still getting high level coaching is the main concept. Learn more at . You can always say yes here and decide not to as it is a service based coaching experience but it is first come, first serve! We have had great success with these athletes and every season we have people from all over train for the same race and come out to support each other.. It's pretty awesome!
Clear selection
Finally, go and record your audio portion of the application. We want to hear your passion and why in YOUR own words!!!
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