Financial Commitment Form
I hereby give permission for my student to participate in the 2017 Campbell County High School Marching Band. My student and I understand the financial commitment involved. My signature is a statement of understanding for the following points:

• I understand that I am committing to the financial obligation of the Marching Band fee of $495 and 20 volunteer hours per family.

o If the financial obligation is difficult, please keep in mind that Payment Plans are available. Please contact Mr. Little at, or Ms. Karen Hanson at, CCBPA Treasurer. Students will not be excluded from the marching band based on financial hardship. Please communicate concerns immediately so accommodations can be made.

• Fee schedule: $50 by May 5th, $150 by July 31, 2017, $150 by Aug 31, 2017 and $145 by Sept 30.

• Students with outstanding balances from prior school years are not eligible to participate until they are placed on a payment plan. School privileges (parking passes, admission to dances, etc.) will be revoked beginning on August 15th if a prior year balance is carried without a payment plan. If the payment plan isn't upheld, or if a large balance is carried over from one year to another without an effort to settle the balance, the next course of action would be removal from the program and the student not being allowed to walk with their class at graduation.

• If a student chooses not to participate after July 1st, the full fee will still be charged as the student fee will already have been spent on staff, show design, and show registration fees. Refunds will only be given when a medical disability, family emergency, or other extreme circumstance, as deemed appropriate by Mr. Little.

• I agree that my student will participate in the fund-raising for the Band Parent Association’s general account.

• I agree to give my permission for the band to use pictures of my student on the website.

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