EVS application
Hosting/coordinating organisation: Association Europe4Youth (Kraków, Poland: projects@europe4youth.eu)
Duration: 1 year (January 2019-January 2020)
- By applying you declare availability and willingness to take part in the whole project.
- Don`t write us essays. Clear, concise and honest answers will be more than enough :-)
Name, surname
(according to your ID)
Country of formal residency
(citizenship or residency papers)
Home address
(that you are currently living in)
E-mail address
Phone number
(+xx) xxx xx xx
Date and place of birth
(dd-mm-yyyy, city, country)
Current status
(what do you do in your life? school? study? gap year? unemployment? other? what?)
Who are you?
(what are you good at? what do you like? what do you wish to be?)
Why EVS?
(why now? why EVS and not something else?)
Why Europe4Youth?
(what exactly in our organisation made you interested in it? (be honest - if nothing, then nothing :-)) )
What do you want to achieve through EVS?
(what EVS should help you with?)
What do you see yourself doing during EVS?
(what would you like to do? how do you imagine your EVS?)
What do you want to learn?
(what skills, abilities, competences do you already have and what would you like to develop?)
What is your experience?
(did you have anyting to do with NGOs? youth work? civil society? non-formal education? if you don`t have any experience (and believe me, it`s not bad!) - just tell us in own words how do you understand youth work)
What do you want to ask us before you start working with us?
(ask anything :-))
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