Diabetes Prevention Symposium
In mid-April, there will be a symposium at the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami. Several prominent researchers will be in attendance to discuss a protocol for preventing diagnosis and recurrence of Type 1 Diabetes. For our part, we will be talking about the #WeAreNotWaiting movement and how it has influenced our approach to antibody-positive status and prevention.

Please answer either with yourself or your family members in mind, for whomever you are concerned with preventing T1D.

All questions here are optional... please answer only what you are comfortable with.
Would you be interested in watching a live stream of the symposium?
Any questions you'd like us to ask the researchers?
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Antibody Status
Have you tested positive for any antibodies that indicate increased risk of T1D?
If so, how many antibodies did you test positive for?
Do you participate, or have you in the past, in the TrialNet (trialnet.org) study?
What else, if anything, are you doing to monitor your antibodies, blood glucose levels, inflammation, etc?
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The "Cocktail"
Are you using a version of the supplement cocktail referenced on preventt1d.org or in the Facebook group, Prevent Autoimmune Disorders?
If so, how long have you been using the cocktail?
What has your experience been with using the cocktail? For instance, has there been any change in your antibody status, blood glucose or inflammation levels?
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Would you be interested in sharing your story or data in the future?
This data collection could help researchers build support for studies involving the cocktail. This is just to gauge interest, and does not indicate any type of commitment to participate.
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