Edustart REACH 50,000
Edustart REACH is the project for 2020 aimed at reaching 50,000 persons in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to transform them into high-growth entrepreneurs and talents.
There are about 2 million students presently in 174 Nigerian Universities and about 4 million in Nigerian Polytechnics. We want to invest in their transformation for the overall transformation of the continent beginning from Nigeria.
The model for making this happen is the one that we proved in Covenant University in the last decade. We are scaling the impact from our experience, our concerns and what we have learned. Operations include...

+Our exceptional Entrepreneurship Education;
+Installing Edustart REACH Communities to build Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

The project targets young people, including students in Higher Education Institutions.
Our mission is to cultivate those who will build multi-billion-dollar businesses.

Please join us and start by letting us know you and where you would like to participate.
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