2024 WNY Riding/Activity Point Submission Form
Please use this form to submit your 2024 WNY Sidesaddle and Equestrian Hertiage Club points. 

Please submit only one event at a time although you may list group participants in this form. If poeple in your group are helpers, please indicate they are a helper when you submit their names in the group section below.  Evidence of the event needs to be apparent - documentation emailed to:  wnysidesaddle@gmail.com. Acceptable evidence is a brochure, a photo, a registration form or cell phone pic of a registration form, etc.

Category Definitions

Parades- anyone who walks, trailers horses to, rides or carriage drives a horse, or pooper-scoops gets a parade point. Volunteer support such as sidewalking, pooper-scooping, or any other labor, will also be given a helping hands point. (Walkers may log their walking miles for horse related volunteer work events, all year long for most miles logged award.)

Continuing Education: Shows/Clinics/Demo/Exhibit- This category is for those who participate in any of these events.  Horse show points are awarded for those who are riding or driving in an actual horse show. For those assisting a horse show participant- we call these volunteers, “helpers,” points are awarded to those helpers who are assisting a rider or carriage-driver at horse shows, trailering someone to a show, etc, or volunteering at an event- points for those people are awarded an additional point in the Helping Hands category. (Walkers may log their walking miles for horse related volunteer work events, all year long for most miles logged award.)

Helping Hands- This category is for anyone who is volunteering at ANY horse-related activity, event, or any non-profit horse organization or is assisting horse-participants on the ground in any capacity so as to make the rider/driver’s life easier at an event. If someone walks as a side-walker in a parade, they get both a parade point and a helping hands point.  

Historical Reenactment- This is for any member, with or without a horse, who is educating the public on horse-related history. It is also for any member who is participating in any historical event provided by a museum, community-event, or festival where the member is advancing and helping to create a historical atmosphere. 

Social Butterfly- this is for participating in all horse-related social events, chapter meetings, business meetings, and outings whereby the entire club is invited to the social event in advance of the event.  At least 4 people must turn out for the event for a social point to be logged. 


Miles logged- Participants may track their miles logged for horseback riding or carriage driving for the entire year.  Awards will be given to the most miles logged.  This can include miles walked by human horse-helpers! If you are a parade walker and sidewalk at parades, you can log your miles walked at events in which you are assisting horse-participants.  Miles logged for human walkers is for volunteering at horse events only.  This may include horse shows and horse events where the human walker is assisting in the “helping hands” defined category. You may download a mileage log from on our website and you must submit all mileage logs by December 31, 2024 at midnight.  Download mileage log found here.  Please save the mileage log document to your computer to use, do not log your mileage directly on our workbook. 

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