Gotta Find 'Em All: The 3rd Annual Search for the Afikomen
We are back for round three! Finding the afikomen (a hidden piece of matzah) is always a fun part of the Passover seder (ritual meal) and is symbolic of a future redemption. During the week leading up to Passover (4.15.19 - 4.12-19), we will hide the afikomen all over Grounds. Sign up here to receive clues each day of the week at a random time each day that will help you find the afikomen. The first person to find the afikomen, take a selfie with it in its hiding place, and tag the Brody Jewish Center when posting it on Facebook will win a prize. Each day the clues will get harder and the prizes will get better.

Day 1: $25 to Bodos or Roots
Day 2: $50 to Harris Teeter
Day 3: $75 to Boylan or Starbucks/Grit
Day 4: Dinner for two on the Downtown Mall
Day 5: 30 Minute Helicopter Tour of C'ville for 1-3 People

Good luck!

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