CircleCI Open Source Maintainer Questionnaire
Hello, open source maintainers! CircleCI is conducting this survey to better understand how you use continuous integration in your open source projects.

Data collected through this survey will be anonymized and aggregated. User information and responses will never be shared without the expressed permission of respondents.

Which of the below describes your involvement in open source software (check all that apply):
Do you use CircleCI for any FOSS projects you maintain?
Do you contribute to the CI configuration for your open source project(s)?
What is the most popular open source project you contribute to? (URL for the repository)
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How many contributors does the open source project you maintain have? (If you maintain more than one project, how many contributors does the most popular one have?
What is the most difficult aspect of maintaining an open source project?
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How do you find out about bugs in your project from downstream users?
How important is CI to maintaining open source projects?
How useful is CircleCI for your open source projects?
Not at all useful
Extremely useful
How does CircleCI make developing and maintaining open source software *easier*?
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How does CircleCI make developing and maintaining open source software *more difficult*?
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What features are missing from CircleCI that would make building and testing your open source project easier?
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What would be your preferred method(s) for receiving CircleCI support for your open source projects?
Is there anything else you would like to tell CircleCI about what we can do to support the open source community?
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If we have additional questions about your answers, may we follow up via email?
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