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A note from our executive editor:
Hello, future readers of Cascadia Daily News!

Please accept my personal thanks for your interest in our new, locally owned and produced digital and print newspaper, set to debut in January. We’re excited about producing Bellingham’s long-awaited hometown news source, and already are hard at work building a state-of-the-art website and printed newspaper you’ll be able to hold in your hands.

Meanwhile, we need your help with our next steps. A two-way communication between our publication and readers will be built into the DNA of the Daily News. We’re part of your community; our news is here to serve it. That process begins now, if you can grant us the favor of filling out this short survey with questions about where you get news today and what you’d like to see us deliver tomorrow. This isn’t just marketing data to us. We here in the State Street newsroom honestly want to know what you’d like to see covered. In that sense, you’ll be part of our news team by shaping our choices in how we deploy our staff and resources.

Thanks again for your interest and trust in an all-new source of truly local news in Northwest Washington state.

-- Ron Judd, executive editor
1. What news sections and features would you most like to see in Cascadia Daily News? Pick up to six. *
2. What non-news sections or features would you most like to see in Cascadia Daily News? Pick up to six. *
3. What are your current sources of news? Please select all that apply. *
4. In addition to Bellingham/Whatcom County, what regions would you like to see covered in Cascadia Daily News? Select all that apply. *
5. Do you currently subscribe to any newspapers or pay to consume local or national news content? *
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