Healing with MDMA Course Terms of Use and Liability Disclaimer 2024

This course is produced by Ecstasy as Medicine LLC.  

Accessing and participating in the course means you agree with the below “Terms of Use”, and that you understand and acknowledge any risks involved in participation - “Liability Waiver”

Understanding Limitations of the Course Content

You understand that the information in the course is for educational purposes only, sharing information about protocols developed by Ecstasy as Medicine LLC.

The course is not designed or intended to provide advice or direction as to life choices you make as a result of participating.

The course is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis, or substitute for medical advice, counselling care, or legal advice. 
If you have any concerns or questions about the mental or physical health of you or people you work with, you should always consult with a physician or other health care professional.

The information in the course is by no means complete or exhaustive and therefore does not apply to all conditions you may encounter.

 You understand that the use of any information provided in this course is solely at your own risk.


You agree that all personal information of any course participant within the course is strictly confidential. You agree not to disclose any of this confidential information to any other person or entity under any circumstances. 

You agree not to make any audio, video, or other recordings of any portion of the Course nor duplicate, reproduce, distribute, publish, or discuss any of the confidential information contained in or related to the Course.

 Informed Consent/Assumption of Risk

By agreeing to the Terms of this agreement, it is understood that you are not being required or directed to acquire or ingest any illegal substance. 

You understand that there is no guarantee that the information provided will yield any particular benefits.  It is understood that the process of taking any substances discussed, and MDMA in particular, may unintentionally evoke uncomfortable, even strong feelings like sadness, anger, fear, etc. 

During the therapeutic process, you understand that you or people you work with may feel worse. This Course gives instruction in the field of therapy often thought to be a normal course of events. You should address any concerns you have with a medical/psychiatric professional.

 You accept full responsibility for your participation in and involvement with the Course. You are voluntarily engaged in course activities with the knowledge of the risks, and assume any and all known and unknown risks of injury that may result.  You hereby release Ecstasy as Medicine LLC, Jonathan Robinson and the UK Psychedelic Society from all liability to you including your representatives, from or related to this agreement.

 Participating in Demonstrations

If you agree to participate in the Course as the subject of a demonstration, you are doing so voluntarily and at your own risk. You understand that the demonstration session may include questions about your personal trauma history and emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms you may be experiencing. You further understand that you are under no obligation to participate in the demonstration, that you may refuse to answer any question, and that you may pause or discontinue your participation in the demonstration at any time at your discretion.

 Rights of access and copyright 

By purchasing this course, Ecstasy as Medicine LLC grants you a nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable licence to access and use our copyrighted course and any associated materials solely for your own personal and non-commercial use.  Our course is protected under United States and foreign copyrights. The copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any of the content within our course is strictly prohibited.  Your purchase of our course does not grant you any ownership rights to our course.  Any breach in the terms of this agreement may result in termination of your access to the course materials.

Class Recordings & Consent

Sections of the course may be recorded for people who miss the live sessions, and for possible future courses.  If you don't want to show your face on recordings for whatever reason, please turn off your camera when asking a question during recorded sessions. Only the person speaking will be recorded. 

Alternatively, you can submit your questions in the chat window. 

If you decide to participate on screen or via audio when recorded, by joining this event you consent to Psychedelic Society's use of your voice, image, and likeness in this and further publications and promotions of this course. Only the person speaking is recorded, even in gallery view, so if you're not speaking it's nice to have cameras on.

By joining the course you agree to keep the identity and information shared by other participants confidential. We reserve the right to remove anyone if their conduct is deemed disruptive or inappropriate for the goals of the course.

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