Feedback for the *New* RioOnWatch
As you know, we've decided to keep RioOnWatch going and evolving after the 2016 Olympic Games, which was the original milestone for the site under its original set of objectives--to document the transformations taking place in Rio, from favela perspectives, in the lead up to the Olympic Games.

The new, post-Olympics, solution-oriented RioOnWatch editorial line was launched earlier this year, and shortly we'll be updating the website's homepage and interface to accompany the transition in the site's content.

With this in mind, and given your past experiences using RioOnWatch, we'd love your input. This survey is your chance to tell us what you'd like to see on our homepage, how we could make the site even more useful to you and effective towards meeting our objective of using news and research to recognize, strengthen and develop favelas based on their qualities.

You can answer this survey anonymously or provide your name, which will allow us to check back in with you when we try to design the site to more effectively meet your needs. You can also focus on RioOnWatch by just answering questions on this page, or help us even further by answering some questions about our work beyond RioOnWatch on the second page of the survey, which will help us plan other initiatives we have in mind. Whether or not you answer all the questions, though, please click through to the second page and click SUBMIT.

All survey respondents who provide their name will receive a 'Thank you!' ticket in our next Rio Raffle, where you might win a trip for two to spend a week with us in Rio. We'll also feature your favorite RioOnWatch article on the site's new homepage when we re-launch.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts! All the questions are optional--answer as many as you like. Your feedback will make all the difference!

This survey will be open for feedback until June 3, 2017.

*Please click through to the second page and click SUBMIT.*

How You Found Us
When and how did you first find RioOnWatch?
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Where do you tend to find out about new RioOnWatch articles you want to read?
How many RioOnWatch articles do you read in a typical month?
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How do you rate RioOnWatch's importance to you?
Unimportant, makes no difference
Vital, I rely on RioOnWatch
What do you use RioOnWatch for?
Your answer
What do you generally tell others about what RioOnWatch is, and why it's important?
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Your Content Preferences
What's your favorite theme/content on RioOnWatch? And/or do you have a favorite article?
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Please select series/articles you have read:
Is there a particular article, series or theme you've found especially valuable? If so, which and why?
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What sort of content would you like to see more of on RioOnWatch?
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Our new editorial line includes the following types of articles. Please select those you are most excited to read:
Please check all components of the site you have used:
Our Homepage
Do you ever use the RioOnWatch homepage? What for? How often?
Your answer
If you don't use the RioOnWatch homepage, why not?
Your answer
What would you like to see change in terms of layout or graphic design on the homepage? Would you be more likely to use it if that change were made? Feel free to include a link to models you think would work.
Your answer
What sort of content change would you like to see on the homepage? Would you be more likely to use it if that change were made?
Your answer
Which of the following sections would you like to see on the homepage?
Our Index and Tags
(primary tags)
Do you have any observations you'd like to make about our tagging/category systems within articles or on the index at the top of the site? (See above images.) Have you made use of them? Are they useful? What could improve? Would you be more likely to use them if we made these changes?
Your answer
Accessibility of Content
RioOnWatch has over 1000 articles dating back to 2010! Do you have any suggestions as to what we could do to make the site's depth of content more accessible to you and/or new readers?
Your answer
Do you ever use the 'search' function? What for? Does it serve your needs well?
Your answer
Is there anything you think is important about RioOnWatch that isn't made clear enough? Please tell us about it, and feel free to suggest improvements we can make.
Your answer
Please use this area to provide input on topics we may not have covered in the survey above.
Your answer
Guaranteeing RioOnWatch
Please share with us your ideas on how we could guarantee RioOnWatch going forward:
Have you ever donated to CatComm/RioOnWatch?
Would you consider donating again?
Would you consider donating a few dollars a month if it meant your donation helped us get even more done?
We are looking for content sponsors for RioOnWatch, who would fund/share content related to their interests. Foundations, publications, universities and others. Do you support this strategy?
Do you have any suggestions you'd like to share about how RioOnWatch might secure the funding it needs to continue and grow?
Your answer
Who Are You?
Remember, all questions on this survey are optional, including any info about you. However, if you tell us who you are we can reach out to make sure we've understood your input. This would be very helpful to us. And as is true with all contact information provided to CatComm, we will NEVER sell/exchange/spam your name, answers or contact information.
First Name (optional)
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Last Name (optional)
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Email (optional)
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