2019 Packaging Awards
When you complete this form, NACD will receive the response via spreadsheet and you will receive a printed copy via email to print and include with your package. This will allow us to have a backup if any entry forms go missing on your end or ours.

Entry rules:

Submit no more than five (5) entries per category.
Submit No more than a total of twenty‐one (21) entries per Distributor
Entries must be submitted within 18 months of first sale.
Entries cannot have been previously entered in this contest.
Empty samples are preferred; Filled entries should be packed in leak‐proof plastic to prevent damage to other entries.
One copy of this form must be attached to the entry.

Email address *
Select one category from below *
You must submit two samples with your entry into any of the categores below.
Select one additional category if applicable
All entries can also be considered for the “Best Use of Stock Components” or "Best Use of CustomPackaging" (you are again limited to 5 entries per category). Please check the box below if you would also like this entry to be considered in one of these additional categories. (You will need to provide an additional sample -- for a total of three -- if submitting a product to the additional category.)
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OPTIONAL: Briefly describe any features you feel would help identify this package’s special or unique features and your involvement as distributor as it relates to the five judging criteria of Design and Appearance, Functionality, Creativity, Innovation, and Marketability.
Do not include any distributor or supplier names or your narrative will not be included. You are limited to 1440 characters. Approx 250-275 words.
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Mail this form & your samples to Brad‐Pak Enterprises, Inc., Attention: NACD Awards124 South AveGarwood, NJ 07027 Deadline is February 5, 2019 Questions? annae@nacd.net
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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