CARIFEST (Saturday) Volunteer Registration
CARIFEST 2017 Festival >> Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, 11am-10pm, NE Minneapolis

Twin Cities Carifest, as an All-Volunteer Organization, depends on volunteers to perform organizational tasks. Volunteers are needed to work the Saturday event of CARIFEST 2017. Twin Cities Carifest greatly appreciates the time given to perform vital festival tasks. Therefore, each volunteer is matched to the most appropriate position to make the best use of that time. Please note that most volunteers are preferred to be over the age of 16 unless otherwise noted. While performing these tasks, we ask that you adhere to:

Expectations of Carifest Volunteers (Code of Conduct)
o courteous to event attendees, volunteers, staff and security
o fulfill volunteer duties during the agreed upon time
o complete this volunteer registration

Thank you for your interest in volunteering during CARIFEST 2017,
Twin Cities Carifest

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