RoyalFlush APAC Team
eSports Clan:
RF™ eSports #8UP08G2Y

Main/Ladder Clan:
RoyalFlush™ #89UJ8J2J


Requirements for our APAC Team:
-Competitive players
-Must be available to play in APAC leagues
-Must be able to dedicate time for practices and matches
-Must join one of our clans affiliated with RoyalFlush


Once you have applied and we have received enough applicants, we will host group tryouts.
This will include either playing in a Tournament or participating in a Bracket Tournament.
Please make sure you have joined our eSports discord server and have the "APAC" & "Tryout" roles set.
We will contact all applicants with the roles on our server, please allow us a week to organise our tryouts.

Game Name & Tag *
Eg. Cyclops #YPRJ8FJ8
Your answer
Discord Username *
Must use discord to join our team. (Eg. cyclops#8778)
Your answer
Max challenge wins? *
What is your max challenge wins. (e.g. 12+)
Your answer
Challenge cards won *
Total amount of cards won from challenges
Your answer
Grand challenge average *
What do you normally get in Grand Challenges?
Your answer
Twitter/Social Media Accounts
Please let us know any social media accounts you use for CR
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Would you play for us without a contract? *
Have you joined our Discord server and have the APAC & Tryout role assigned? *
Please answer "Yes" if you have the correct roles assigned
Your answer
Let us know if you have won any competitions, leagues or tournaments. Let us know which eSport teams you have represented in the past
Your answer
Why do you want to join?
Optional, but it would be good to understand your goals and see if it aligns with RoyalFlush
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