Rewire Fitness Athlete Beta Test Program Application
Designed for and by competitive cyclists the Rewire Cycling app incorporates structured workouts combined with cognitive training protocols to improve mental toughness, sharpen focus and reduce the perception of effort during the most challenging training and racing sessions.

Requirements of the Athlete Beta Test Program
* Have access to an iPhone for testing (for this initial beta test only iPhone devices are supported)
* Must have either a smart trainer with support for power or bike-based power meter
* Complete at least 3x Rewire Cycling workouts per week (15 min minimum per workout conducted indoors on a bike trainer)
* Complete workout summary notes for every workout (30 seconds per workout)
* Participate in a monthly Skype voice call to provide feedback (30 min max per month)
* Share any additional feedback as desired via Slack (a text-based messaging app)
* Provide permission for all associated workout data including notes, verbal or written feedback, etc. to be used without limitation by Rewire Fitness LLC.

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Medical History: Please list any existing conditions that might negatively impact your mental and physical endurance training (e.g. heart condition, bone, joint or muscle issues, currently taking medication, etc)? *
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