Village of Belmont Police Reform Survey
Pursuant to Executive Order No. 203, Governor Cuomo directed all municipalities in New York State to submit a plan with suggestions on how to improve services and increase trust between the police and the community. This survey is being conducted by the Village of Belmont to inform our efforts to improve community policing.

This survey will remain open until March 7, 2021. Although the survey is anonymous, comments will be reviewed verbatim, so please be mindful about entering identifying information into open text fields.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!
Please select the response that best describes you.
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What best describes your gender identity?
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With which racial and ethnic group(s) do you identify? (Select all that apply)
Police Officers are a necessary part of our community.
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I feel confident that the Belmont Police Department is responsive to my needs.
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The Belmont Police Department is transparent and accountable to taxpayers.
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If I have a complaint against the Belmont Police Department or Officer, I am confident it will be heard and reviewed objectively
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On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (extremely), how satisfied are you with the Belmont Police Department?
Not at all satisfied
Extremely satisfied
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Please select the top 4 services that you think are the most important for the Belmont Police Department to provide. (Select all that apply)
What services should be provided to the community that are not currently offered? (If any)
What should be the single biggest change we could make to improve policing in the Village of Belmont?
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