Village Amp: DOA Application
Please complete this form to be considered for acceptance to the Village Amp Digital Organizing Apprenticeship. The essay section is the most important part of the application, so we suggest you start there first.

If accepted, you will be expected to complete several other application components including a medical release form, transportation permission slip, media release form, report card release form, professional conduct agreement, and guardian agreement.
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Survey Information - Optional
Although the survey section is optional, we strongly encourage applicants to provide the information requested. It helps us to report to our funders to continue to provide free programs.
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Does the applicant or family own a computer at home?
If yes, how many?
If not, has the applicant owned a computer at home?
What is the condition of the home computer(s)?
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Applicant Experience & Essays
This is your chance to tell us who you are and why you want to make a difference. Don't be shy!
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If you have examples of your previous media projects online, we would love to see it! (Optional)
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What media skills would you like to develop during your time as an apprentice? Please explain how you will use these skills to create change. (150 words) *
Name 1 social issue that you would like to address this summer? Why is this issue important to you? (150 words) *
Who inspires you? Why? (2 sentences) *
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