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DuraMAT seeks to fund research aimed specifically at innovative concepts in photovoltaic (PV) module packaging that will increase module reliability and performance. Proposals are encouraged that include work in materials, testing, data, or analytics. Through selected Spark proposals, investigators will actively engage with National Lab Capability Network to focus on solar module materials and designs that will facilitate reductions of the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

Spark proposals are intended to be short term project (6-9 months) that serve a defined need, bridge gaps in the capability areas, or address a previously unidentified opportunity for research to impact the photovoltaic industry.

This round of Sparks is targeted to two areas only:
1) Data Analytics - Work with the DuraMAT DataHub and Analytics team (Links) on any topic that fits within the DuraMAT scope.
2) Module Forensics: through study of failed modules, correlate physical phenomena with changes in power output.
3) Blue Sky Science - new ideas that need a proof of concept trial period before a full proposal.

Ideas must fit within the scope of DuraMAT: no research will be funded to work on the PV absorber or the TCO layer. See for more details.

Who can Apply?
National Laboratory staff are encouraged to apply for funding. Industry and University staff are encouraged to team with the National Laboratories for funded work to be done at the National Laboratories. Proposals must have a National Lab PI or Co-PI. (Example: University ABC has a current project in interface dynamics. In partnership with National Lab DEF, a SPARK is proposed to develop a new model basis set with the development done at the National Laboratory and the University providing some cost share in the form of labor-consultation.)

Rolling Submission Deadlines:
The next Spark proposal deadline is Oct. 15th at 5pm MT.
Subsequently, deadlines will be the final day of each fiscal quarter.

Complete each field within the word limit. Avoid special characters.
Work must engage the capability network.
Work in partnership with industry is encouraged, but must be pre-competitive in nature.
No capital equipment funds are available under this call.

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