Sistars of Empowerment Membership Application
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Mailing Address
Alternate Phone Number
Email Address
Occupation/ years of experience
How many children do you have and their ages?
What are you looking to acheive by joining this organization?
What qualities will you contribute to Sistars of Empowerment, Inc.?
How much time per month do you have to commit to SOE?
Do you know of any other women that may be interested in joinining our great organization? If so, please list their name and number.
I understand that there is a $25.00 Initial Fee and $15.00 monthly membership dues payable by the 10th of the month via paypal.
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I understand that I am expected to participate in community service projects and fundraisers.
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I understand that the initial membership fee and t-shirt is $40.00 payable via our website
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