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We’re a coalition of youth activists and changemakers fighting to preserve human rights, accountability, and justice under AI, especially as algorithms are all too often deployed to erode civil liberties. Mobilizing a global network of volunteers from all over the United States and world, we champion informed AI policy that addresses automated bias and discrimination through policy development, legislative advocacy, community organizing, technical workshops, and content creation.

Guide to creating a chapter (if you need more info): https://docs.google.com/document/d/14aEhEnj2PherW_Zx54mgt-DztLuoTYbPKtuLKbhulpk/edit?usp=sharing

If you're a student who lives in the U.S., help Encode Justice (https://encodejustice.org) expand in your state by committing to lead and grow a chapter. If you live outside the U.S., help us do the same in your country!

State/country chapters host events, teach workshops to local students using our central AI ethics curriculum, advocate for state- or country-specific policy initiatives, and organize fundraisers.

Refer to our homepage at https://encodejustice.org for a list of active chapters.
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In order to formally create a chapter, you would have to assemble a team of 3-4 other students (ideally from different parts of your state/country) who are interested in serving as officers. Do you already have an idea of who might fill those positions in your chapter? If not, please identify potential officers - we will touch base with you shortly to get their names and contact information, and connect you with other applicants from your state/country. *
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