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IPSF is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-religious international federation of pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences students and students’ organisations. We represent more than 300.000 pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences students and recent graduates in 87 countries worldwide and we are the leading international advocacy organization for pharmacy, pharmaceutical students and recent graduates promoting improved pharmacy education, professional development, student exchange and public health through internships, public health campaigns and other projects.

You can know more about the Federation by reading the IPSF Booklet in the following link:

Benefits for Alumni
All the individuals who are Alumni of the Federation have the following benefits:
- Attendance at IPSF Official Events
- Publication opportunities in our regularly released IPSF Newsletters, and Phuture, our scientific publication
- Professional Development opportunities through Leaders in Training and Patient Counselling, Clinical Skills, and Compounding Events and Competition
- Internship opportunities with partner Organisations, such as the World Health Organisation and International Pharmaceutical Federation
- Engagement in improving public health with opportunities for campaign organisation and implementation on a local level, and the ability to join the IPSF Delegation at the World Health Assembly and other World Health Organisation events;
- Engagement in international affairs and issues impacting pharmacy students with the ability to attend select United Nations events
- Opportunities to engage with partners at professional events.

Steps to Become an Alumni

1) Fill out this Form, paying careful attention to these instructions;

2) The Affiliation Coordinator will contact you requesting a proof of eligibility;

3) After the confirmation from the Affiliation Coordinator, your name will be added to the General Assembly, which will approve or not the affiliation;

4) After approval, you will receive the Confirmation Letter and be added to the relevant groups;

Thank you for your interest!

Last update: 21/08/2017

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Please prepare a proof of eligibility as image, document or PDF for your Alumni Affiliation. It can be:: Past IPSF Event attendee - Event Certificate or other relevant proof; Past IPSF Member Organisation Contact Person - Certificate issued by the Member Organisation or other relevant proof ; Past IPSF Member Organisation Student Exchange Officer - Certificate issued by the Member Organisation or relevant valid proof; Past IPSF Team Member - Certificate issued by the Secretary General (past or actual) or relevant valid proof. All documents will be checked by the Affiliation Coordinator and shall not be bigger than 10 Mb
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