C4: Race 3 defaults
For providing default instructions in certain scenarios if a plot is not fully completed. IF NO PLOT IS RECEIVED, DEFAULTS WILL NOT BE USED.
Your answer
1) If presented with an opportunity to Forced Pass... (if I don't know, you will NOT pass)
1a) I will ONLY pass if ALL of the checked statements below are true.
2) If someone tries to forced pass you ...
3) If your desired path in a corner is blocked...
4) In the spaces before a corner...
5) How do you want me to use you -3 skill chips (if you have any)?
6) When exceeding decel by choice or when late braking, how much wear will you spend BEFORE testing brakes?
7) In the following situations indicate how much skill you will apply to the following rolls by default (unexpected events only) *
3 skill
2 skill
1 skill
0 skill
Test Brakes
Unblocked Forced Pass Attempt
Blocked Forced Pass Attempt
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