Kansai Women in Business Summit 2018 Registration Form for ACCJ Members
関西ウィメン・イン・ビジネス・サミット申込 (ACCJ会員専用)

The registration deadline is Wednesday, September 5, 2018.
Please note that we will close the registration once the event has reached capacity even if it is before the deadline. You must be registered in advance to attend. No walk-ins or substitutions accepted.

ACCJ Member ID *
Please email <info@accj.or.jp> if you have forgotten your ACCJ Member ID. メンバーIDを忘れた方は <info@accj.or.jp>までご連絡ください。
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お名前 (ローマ字で)
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Do you need an interpretation receiver? (English to Japanese and Japanese to English) *
同時通訳受信機は必要ですか?(英語→日本語 日本語→英語)
Will you attend the reception? (18:30-20:00) *
Breakout Session Preference. (Their title is below) *
Breakout Session A (Simultaneous interpretation from English to Japanese will be available)
We know about Unconscious Bias, but what do we do about it?
by Suzanne Price, President and Representative Director, Price Global

Breakout Session B (This session will be held in Japanese only)
Communicate Smart to get what you need at work
by Masako Arakane, President & Founder, Qualia Inc.

Breakout Session C (This session will be held in Japanese only)
Dialogue for Change
by Mie Kitano, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, Eli Lilly Japan K.K.

分科会 A (同時通訳利用可)
アンコンシャスバイアス(無意識の思い込み)― 私たちは何が出来るでしょう
スザーン プライス(プライスグローバル 代表取締役)

分科会 B (日本語のみでの開催)
荒金雅子(株式会社クオリア 代表取締役 ダイバーシティファシリテーター)

分科会 C (日本語のみでの開催)
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Note: Your guests will be charged under your ACCJ account. If you want them to pay separately, please ask your guests to send an email to ACCJ Kansai.

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