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***CO-19 UPDATE***
Please note that due to the present extraordinary circumstances, we have frozen recruitment.

However we are still happy to accept your application.

We do not know if we will be looking for new people in two weeks, or two months, but we will be looking at some point.

Therefore you can still apply. We may get back to you sooner rather than later. We just don't know.


Thanks for your interest in us. Before applying, please take time to read the following. We’ll ask you about it on the phone when we call!

We are a startup, we're growing quickly and we need smart, keen and dedicated riders to help us expand to keep up with demand.

We're looking for people with an interest in joining us for the long term. Due to the commitment we make in training our riders, we can't accommodate people looking for short term, temporary or seasonal work. Nor can accommodate people seeking a stop-gap / shortfall cover job due to covid-19, or expectations to be able to work on an inconsistent 'zero hours' basis. We need you to want this to be your main, regular employment.

There are many reasons to come and work for us. Not least these:

Training - Before you ride for us, we'll train you properly. Our 'City & Guilds Assured' scheme will break down and rebuild how you approach riding a bike, and give you a proper foundation in road craft. Throughout the process, we'll assess your progress and coach you to become an expert rider. By the time we give you work, you’ll have the confidence to ride quickly, smoothly, and appropriately.

Job Security - Once trained, as we grow, we’ll always have work for you. We’ll keep you moving and as we develop, there’ll be opportunities for progression.

Job Satisfaction - You’ll be doing something that people see and say ‘that’s amazing’. You’ll surprise yourself, and everyone else with what you can do. Every mile you do is a mile that’s making things better on our streets, and in the words of one of our veterans ‘you’ll spread quite a bit of cheer’. With us you’re sharing in the growth of something that we know is changing things for the better, and every day your contribution will count.

Fair Pay - we give you National Living Wage plus commission on every job, holiday and sick pay, and offer to reward your loyalty to Pedal Me with a stake in the company, and the value of that stake grows with every mile you ride.

We work hard to bring the benefits of low emission, time sensitive delivery to London and we're looking for people who can rise to the challenge. The work will often ask you to dig deep, in terms of both time commitment and effort, especially on cold, wet days.

We’ll need you to be consistent in your availability, resilient, self motivated and keen to push yourself, but we feel we offer a great deal in return.

Put simply, we need people who are a cut above and love every mile, even the hard ones, and we need your commitment in this from the very start.


We operate;
- 06.00 - 21.00 Monday to Friday
- 06.00 - 15.00 Saturday

'Out of hours' pre-booked work may occur on a Sunday.

Full time work means 36 - 40 hours.

Part time means 24+ hours over 3 consecutive days

'Overtime' is available on discussion. The maximum we expect any rider to work is 40 hours over a week.

Due to present demand, rider shifts are often likely to overrun


Personal requirements:
- Calm, friendly, levelheaded demeanour
- Resilient attitude and self motivated.
- Isn't phased by difficulties and appreciates that learning can come from failures
- Can independently problem solve and respond to changing priorities under time pressure
- Strong communication skills: you will be using smartphone based 'push to talk' radio for most communication
- Relishes a challenge: our work is time sensitive and very busy!
- Good working knowledge of navigating in London
- Flexibility on working hours within times stated above, including offered 'out of hours' work and overtime
- Consistent availability week-to-week (we want to be your main job. Standard courier expectations do not apply)
- Reasonable standard of fitness (if successful, you can expect to be pedalling upwards of 8 hours per day)
- Happy working in all weathers
- Understanding that 'low risk' cycling does not require the use of a helmet and that 'fast' cycling does not mean illegal cycling
- Willingness to represent us when riding - always wearing our colours, responding positively to the attention you will draw

Essential requirements:
- Smartphone (for contact)
- Proof of address
- UK Bank account
- Consent and appropriate documents to carry out an advanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check (you will be working unsupervised with children), and to prove you are entitled to work in the UK;

PLEASE NOTE: Training to be a Pedal Me rider will require 10 hours of your time, regardless of prior experience, over the course of 1-2 weeks. You must be able to meet with a trainer on a weekday, potentially during standard working hours. This is formal training and if completed successfully and you work for us through to riding with passengers, will award you a City & Guilds recognised assured qualification as a Professional Cargo Cyclist.
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