Rider Training sign up form
Pedal Me have full and part time employment to offer to candidates with suitable experience, ability and availability. Our riders are professionals that understand navigating busy cities quickly and with respect for all other road users, regardless of vehicle.


We operate;
- 6.30am - 9pm Monday to Friday
- 10am - 3pm Saturday

'Out of hours' pre-booked work may occur on a Sunday.

To be considered for part time work, we require you to commit to at least 20 hours a week working consecutive days, including at least two 6-8 hour shifts during the week.

Full time work means 36 - 40 hours.

'Overtime' is available on discussion. The maximum we expect any rider to work is 48 hours over a week.


Basic requirements:
- Calm, friendly, levelheaded demeanour
- Strong communication skills
- Good working knowledge of navigating in London
- Flexibility on working hours within times stated above, including potential 'out of hours' work
- Reasonable standard of fitness (if successful, you can expect to be pedalling upwards of 8 hours per day)
- Own smartphone (Apple or Android)
- Proof of address
- UK Bank account
- Consent and appropriate documents to carry out an advanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check (you will be working unsupervised with children), and to prove you are entitled to work in the UK; https://www.gov.uk/guidance/documents-the-applicant-must-provide
- Understanding that 'safe' cycling does not require the use of a helmet

Please Note: Training to be a Pedal Me rider will require 10 hours of your time, regardless of experience, over the course of 2-3 weeks. You must be able to meet with a trainer on a weekday, potentially during standard working hours. The training will include a weekday work trial to assess your suitability.

Training also includes time riding as a passenger - this is necessary - you'll need to know how it is supposed to feel being ridden about town!

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