(EN) Audience questionnaire - "The Planet of Lost Dreams"
Our performance is part of the "Tele-Encounters" Creative Europe Project, which explores relationships between family members separated by migration and the use of Internet communication technologies in the theatre. Your anonymous answers will help us in our research. The questionnaires will be analyzed by the project team, while the results of our study will be published in the "Tele-Encounters" volume in 2019.
1) Have you ever lived outside of your country of origin? *
2) Have you got any family members who have lived in a different country for over one year? *
3) Are you informed about the situation of immigrants in Spain (and if you are an immigrant yourself, about the situation of other immigrants, from Spain or elsewhere)? *
4) How often do you use the Internet to communicate? (WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, Messenger, email etc.) *
5) You were seeing the action in Romania only on the screen, filmed - what impact did this have on you? *
6) How much did the factors below influence the attention you paid to the screen or to the stage? *
not at all
very little
the light on stage (dark stage = more attention to the screen; bright stage = less attention to the screen)
the video montage (fast frame shifts = more attention to the screen)
the story of the play (the emotional intensity of the situations)
the actors' performance (the actors' movement on stage or on screen and the emotional intensity of their acting)
in general, the actors' physical presence drew my attention more than their presence on screen
in general, the actors' presence on screen drew my attention more than their physical presence
the film quality (poor image quality or clumsy film frames = less attention to the screen)
the dimension of the projection screen
7) What character did you sympathize with more? *
8) What influenced your sympathy with some of the characters? *
9) Has the performance influenced your opinion of migration in any way? If so, how? *
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10) Has the performance influenced your opinion of Internet communication in any way? Please explain your answer. *
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11) Does the use of distance communication technology in your family differ from the use of it by the family in the play? Please explain your answer. *
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12) What do you think Betty should do? *
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