29th Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board: Observer Registration

29th Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board
16-17 March 2017
Langer Eugen (UN Campus)
Bonn, Germany

The observer registration has ended. If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact afbsec@adaptation-fund.org

To those who wish to observe the Board meeting,

Thank you for your interest in observing the Adaptation Fund Board meeting. Before registering as an observer, please read the following:

I. Please complete your registration by 8 March 2017 (please note: deadline changed). Due to the security policy of the meeting venue, the secretariat is required to submit the list of observers to the security office well in advance. The secretariat does not accept last-minute registration requests or on-site registration.

II. Registration must be completed online via this form. Registration by any other means (e-mail, telephone, etc.) will not be accepted. After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the secretariat about one week before the meeting.

III. The Adaptation Fund Board only allows observers from UNFCCC admitted (registered) parties and observer organizations. Before registering, please make sure that your organization has been admitted as a UNFCCC observer organization. The list of UNFCCC observer organizations can be found at http://unfccc.int/parties_and_observers/observer_organizations/items/9524.php . If your organization is not listed, your registration will not be accepted.

IV. The Adaptation Fund Board meeting is paperless. All participants are expected to bring their own laptops access the meeting documents online, as most of the meeting documents are not distributed to participants. Meeting documents are posted on the website about one week before the meeting.

V. Please bring your photo ID. In order to be admitted to the meeting, you will be required to show your ID to security officers at the entrance to the meeting venue. After being admitted, you are requested to wear a badge throughout the meeting.