Placement Questionnaire for School Year 2018-2019
Please answer the following questions concerning your child as completely as possible, perhaps a million words or less.

Our goal for placement is to create individual academic teams that reflect the make up of the entire grade level (Academic Performance, Special Education, Behavioral, Gifted and Talented Etc.). As such, we cannot guarantee that any parent requests for specific teachers or teams can be honored.

Please Return these to GMS by May 18, 2018

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What Team is you child on this year? *
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What do you believe were your child’s greatest challenges in the current year, academic, social, emotional? *
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In the coming year, what are your greatest concerns for your child’s experience at GMS? *
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What can you tell us about your child’s learning style that will help us better understand him/her in the classroom? *
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Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child that didn't seem to fit into the questions above? Please feel free to let us know.
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Please list a few of your child's friends (please use first and last names).
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Are there children that you would rather your child not be placed with? If so, please list them here ((please use first and last names).
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